1) New teams entering league must pay all league dues including a one-time $300.00 forfeiture fee of which $150.00 will be reimbursed at the end of a successful season.  in case of a forfeit, team forfeiting will lose points and must cover the home teams umpiring costs before the next scheduled game in order to continue league play.  Failure to do so or (2) forfeits in a season will result in expulsion from the league for the remainder of the season and will require a unanimous approval vote for re-entry the following season.

  2) All teams are responsible for providing the necessary medical and liability insurance.

  3) Teams will provide their own uniforms in reasonal condition and uniformity to conform to an acceptable league image as well as related expenses.  Teams must supply board cetified umpires at home games and (2) new game balls (minimum) per game.  Numbers on the back of uniform shirt would be preferred.

  4) Teams with the most accumulative points totals in league play will be the teams participating in postseason tournament(s), format of which is to be determined at the start of each season.

  5) For liability reasons, any coach on the field must appear on the official roster.  No game may start or continue if a rostered coach is not present, which will result in a forfeit.


  1) Rosters to have a (24) player maximum.  Any player not on the official roster may not take the field of play.  Use of an illegal player will result in a forfeit.  Rosters to be forwarded to the NWCT Connie Mack Baseball League Director by June 21. to be considered official.  After this date and should any games be played with out an official roster will be penalized 1 point, win or lose.  Continued abuse of roster reqirements will result on offending team(s) ineligibility for postseason playoffs.

  2) Team rosters will made up of primarliy 16-19 year old players residing within the school districts where the team is originating.  As of 2014, originating teams may now draw players from ajoining school districts as long as that district does NOT have CM team.  Eight (8) players MAXIMUM can be drafted from those ajoining school districts.

  3) 19 year old players are eligible if they turn age 19 AFTER January 1st of the year they will be playing, I.E., they cannot turn age 20 in the year they are playing.  14-15 year year old players will be allowed to play only when necessary to field a team and must be part of the (24) player roster.  14 year old players will need the unaminous approval of all team managers in order to play.  No 13 year old players will be allowed to play, NO exceptions.  cross rostering of players is acceptable, but only (4) American Legion players will be allowed.

  4) All players must play in at least (6) games to be eligible post season play.

  5) NO player may take the field of play unless in an acceptable full uniform, NO exceptions.


  1)  Game Regulations will conform to American League Baseball rules with the following exceptions.

        A) Sliding simplified as follows:  While a slide is not necessary, any runner, in either case may not have contact with or interfere with a fielder in the process of making a play.  This applies to all (4) bases.  Penalties per umpire judgement.

      B) The re-entry rule will be used, I.E. starting players only may re-enter the game once. Starting pitchers, once removed from the mound can re-enter to any position except the mound.  If he stays in the field, he can return to the mound. (see (G) below.  Batting order does not change for players re-entering.

    C) Ten players may bat with (1) player to be temed as an extra hitter (EH)  There is no designated hitter or batter allowed  the only option will be to use the extra hitter(ten men bat or no extra hitter.  Extra hitter will be subject to the re-entry but must bat at least once before being substituted for.

    D) Helmets to be used on the base paths as well as at the plate.  This applies to anyone under age 21.

    E) Teams must start the game with (9) players, but can play with (8) if injury or ejection occurs.  Missing spot in the batting order will be an official out.

   F) For liability reasons, no game may begin without (1) board certified umpire.  If none available, game must be re-scheduled.

Second trip to the mound in the same inning will require permanent revoval of the a pitcher.  No limit of innings for the game unless deemed excessive by the umpire.

    H) Tie games called because of weather or daarkness or other extenuating circumstances will be call a complete game after 4-1/2 innings if the home team is ahead and 5 innings if the visiting team is ahead.  If a game is called before completion as specified above, the game must be re-scheduled and re-played in its entirety.  There will be a (15) run rule instituted after a complete game (4-1/2 or 5 innings).

I) Aluminum bats meeting high school specifications and wood bats can be used.


  1) A "pre-determined " fixed schedule (versus and open schedule) will be used and will be known as the "MASTER SCHEDULE".  Play dates will be determined by teams field availabilities, school functions such as graduations, awards nights etc. and personal considerations.  This Master Schedule will become the major operating tool for the NWCT Connie Mack Baseball League.  Any regular scheduled games will take precedence over re-scheduled games.

  2) Make-up games must be played with (1) week of the original scheduled date or re-scheduled within (1) week with a firm future date agreed to by the coaches involved.  Weather conditions will be the only conditions allowed for another re-scheduled date if need be.  Forfeiture will result for the team failing to meet the agreement.  There will be no penalties if games cannot be played due the season's "DROP DEAD" date. 

  3) The league President / Director will nominate (2) team managers or head coachs at the spring meeting of each year to form a (3) person Executive Committee to assist in making discretionary decisions on league structure, penalties and disciplinary actions when deemed necessary in the leagues' best interests and fair play.

  4) Tie breakers (if necessary) for teams qualifying for a position in the post season tournament are as follows:

    A) The winner in head to head competition will qualify.
    B) The team with the most runs scored in head to head competition will qualify
    C) The better point record of the team(s) involved , in games played against those teams ahead of them.
    D) The last resort is a coin flip.

  5) There is no protest policy regarding the technical aspects of a game.  Umpires decisions are discretionary and final.  Protests or complaints regarding League By-Laws or League policy can be filed in writing to the league comissioner for review and ruling by the Executive Committee.  

  6) A "Code of Conduct" for both players and coaches will apply.

      A) Any Player or Coach ejected from a ball game will be subject to an automatic (1) game supension.  Coaches will have the discretion to increase to increase the suspension time of players depending on the severity of the incident and/or upon the advice of outside sources including the League Director and Executive Committee.  A coaches suspension time beyond the automatic (1) game will be at the discretion of the League Director and Executive Committee. 

    B) Carelessly or deliberately throwing a bat or helmet.

    C) Unsportsmanlike conduct to include, but not limited to:
        a) Use of words or actions to incite spectators to demonstrations.
        b) Use of profanity, intimidation tactics, remarks reflecting unfavorably upon 
        another person or taunting or baiting
        c) Use of any language intended to intimidate.
        d) Behavior in any manner not in the accordance with the spirit of fair play.
        e) Initiate malicious conduct





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